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I offer five inspiring and dynamic conferences, tailored to the objectives of each group and dealing with change, creativity, innovation, performance and collective intelligence. Read the descriptions and make your selection. I will be happy to contribute to the success of your event and even more importantly, together we will have the opportunity to go further.


Cirque du Soleil, the incredible journey. Eccentric and tinged with humor, the conference is directly inspired by the incredible experience of Jean David in the Cirque du Soleil where he worked for 15 years, as marketing vice-president. Jean David deals extensively with leadership and reveals the innovative characteristics that have contributed to the success of Cirque du Soleil in the areas of marketing, management, creation and exportation.

He invites us to apply in our daily those practices that contributed to the success of Cirque and it draws our attention especially on the role of creativity in our society and in our organizations.


For the leaders of the 21st century! The ability for leaders to excel, to invent and succeed is now based on their ability and determination to allow the contribution of the creative potential of their staff. Jean David proposes to set up a path to innovation, an original creative exercise available to all employees.

This project facilitates dramatically the education of their staff and provides a comprehensive taming approach to creativity. The Protocol of Innovation is equivalent to a real update of the corporate culture that has enabled the deployment of an innovation culture.


Jean David presents his vision of the world and his understanding of the issues that citizens are facing. He is not soft on political parties, the media and our education systems. As for him, these are the three fundamental sectors of our social organization that require to be re-evaluated first. Moreover, with his General Theory of Reality, he describes the great paradox in which the human race is entangled. A condition that, in his opinion, affects the perception that individuals have of themselves and their fellow human beings, in direct connection with our collective identity and the image that we have of ourselves; what he calls the great collective psychological drift...

With this unprecedented conference, Jean David proposes above all a solution to this inextricable condition. A solution that is proportional to the problems that citizens and their representatives face in the organization of our society in the 21st century. He proposes the realization of an unusual event, straight out from the future, an intelligent event that combines the notions of entertainment and education (edutainment). In the current context of global change, this event is in a way a real tool for collective transformation that allows a society to take a "thoughtful" step forward... The conference is at the heart of the major issues of smart cities, citizen empowerment, social innovation and the creation of an environment of collective intelligence... Nothing less!



In a time of creativity and innovation, discover the unique characteristics of a collective intelligence environment.

Be aware of the incredible impact on the individuals who are part of it. Enjoy the benefits for a company or community of extending the reach of its resources and giving it access to new privileged data. A groundbreaking conference on creating a true collective intelligence environment, the next step in innovation. An intelligent environment that aims to be a counterweight to artificial intelligence.

Presentation of the transformation process for a group within a company or for the citizens of a municipality. This environment of collective intelligence is nothing less than a new field of reference that is designed to be fully consistent with each individual within it and allows the group to maximize its objectives. Discover the future of innovation!


To help us revise our business models, increase sales, excel at customer service and mobilize staff.

Change is at the service of companies and organizations, managers and leaders must learn to master it for the benefit of the group. The force of change, to help us review our business models, to provoke a tremendous impact on sales, to excel in customer service, to update the corporate culture and especially mobilize all personnel in a common project.

Jean David presents the force of change in a dynamic and original conference that takes us right into the 21st century. Jean presents new tools to use this strength in order to serve our organizations and give birth to a new style of leadership.



Jean David


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