Jean David is an independent researcher in communications and a consultant in the field of creativity and innovation.  An internationally active professional speaker, he is one of the principal architects of Cirque du Soleil, as described in the book the Blue Ocean Strategy. He is one of the pioneers and builders of Cirque, where he was Vice President of Marketing for 15 years, from 1984 to 1999. During this period, he distinguished himself through innovative methods in marketing and introducing the magic of Le Grand Chapiteau to other cultures on four continents.

He is a man of vision and passion who doesn't hesitate to express his perceptions and concepts on the application of creativity to the promotion of change and innovation. Among his achievements, in 2006 he completed a transition mandate at the WYNN Las Vegas hotel as acting vice-president of entertainment, sales and marketing. He also directed a pre-feasibility study in Mumbai, India, for the ESSEL Group, leading a project (MICC) to create an international resort and theme park dedicated to creativity (creative thinking process).

Above all, he is a man of communication and ideas who has taken up the greatest of challenges: understanding our environment and finding solutions to the problems we face. He sees innovation in our societies as a living, evolving and moving force. Today, to be able to seize it and implement it, we need to mobilize! The source of innovation remains human intelligence, and the urgent need to innovate in our businesses, organizations and communities requires the mobilization of all the individuals who make them up.

He is an ideas entrepreneur who has developed a social innovation technology that enables a group or a community to migrate towards a culture of innovation and foster an environment of collective intelligence. Jean David excels in working with leaders and managers to foster a climate and attitude that facilitate the emergence of the future.

Self-taught, he published Quel Cirque!, a book on the fabulous adventure of Cirque du Soleil, in which he presents his vision of society and invites us to make room for creativity.



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