I propose to define new standards for events and renew genres. Make room for new ideas and develop a vision for the future, a corporate project that will mobilize employees, the public, the suppliers, the sponsors and the public authorities.

              SOCIETY GAME       

Too often, managers of major events are rightly so concerned about the financing of their activities that they forget to step back and clarify the real context in which their event is taking place. The world we live in has changed so much over the past ten years that the benchmarks that these managers still take for granted have completely vanished. The rules of the game have changed and many stakeholders do not realize it... It is high time to revisit the cultural landscape to be able to stand out, to define new standards and so participate in the renewal of genres, ideas and individuals. We must make room for new ideas, but above all, we must be able to develop a vision for the future, a corporate project that will mobilize employees, the public, suppliers, sponsors and authorities.

Populations have reached a critical threshold in terms of their spending, investment and consumption power. Thus, the majority of public subsidy programmes attach great importance to the ability of events to attract "foreign" tourists in order to contribute directly to the region's economic development and influence. It must be understood that events must therefore be able to compare themselves and above all stand out on the international scene. They must maximize their attractiveness by implementing not only original actions, but let's face it: out of the ordinary!


We must force ourselves to reinvent ourselves before it is too late, even if everything seems to be going well! This is one of the most difficult exercises not only for a public event, but also for all companies and organizations. This requires both a real and acknowledged willingness on the part of the members of the organization, determination, but above all clear leadership. It becomes necessary to be able to count on a leader who will be able to carry out such an exercise of transformation of a group, an event, a collective project. For all those who have always dreamed of a new career: being a change generator is a new basic function for all professional in 2024.


It is time to implement a concept of an event straight out of the future, an intelligent event that would combine the notions of entertainment and education (edutainment) with the original participation of merchants, restaurateurs, artisans, artists and entrepreneurs. I imagine an event of communication and collective collaboration that is both modern and innovative. Modern because it would integrate our technological environment into the process of accessing, processing and sharing information. Innovative because it would offer citizens a new form of expression, that of playing a new role in society, a role that is totally adapted to our reality in the 21st century. The equivalent of a great mind game that would value all its participants and allow them to make small and big discoveries.



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