If you want different outcomes, you have to manage differently!

The Protocol, a four steps process, takes the shape of two «calls» for creativity requiring the participation of all employees. This project creates awareness by all employees of the strategic role of creativity and their personal creativity within the organization.

The Protocol of Innovation offers to guide them through a process of creation and communication that will modify their perception of themselves, their colleagues and their organization, in addition to arousing their interest in seeing, thinking and acting differently in their daily lives. The Protocol of Innovation creates new foundations in the corporate culture that allow for the gradual deployment of a culture of innovation and facilitates the emerging of the future of the organization.

The Protocol of Innovation releases energy and ideas in addition to improving communication; it solicits the contribution of all the individual’s talent and invites them to become involved emotionally in their work; it enables people to get to know each other in groups and familiarize themselves with a technique of idea generation; it invites them to define an idealist project to which they can identify; it makes them participate in the development of a common objective and rewards all participants.

The experience results for each individual in acquiring a sense of self-confidence that eliminates any doubts in their ability to make original contributions in their work

The company literally puts itself at the service of its employees in order to allow them to realize their full potential and contribute on a daily basis to the success of the group to which they belong and which they identify!

What is a culture of innovation?

* Driven by the creativity (originality) of all employees;

* Encourage independence and accountability;

* Approves taking risks while reducing the statu quo;

* Promotes and develops the ability to see, think and act differently;

* Supports new ideas.

The ability for businesses and organizations to excel, to invent, to imagine and fulfill their leadership now rests solely in their ability and determination to recognize the creative potential of their employees! I propose to implement a protocol to access innovation, an original creative exercise, simple and accessible to all. Migrate all human resources towards a true culture of innovation fully adapted to the company.



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